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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
Grimmerweg 6
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel.: +49 89-66 60 89-0
Fax: +49 89-66 60 89-55
Automotive Technology
As for the automotive engineering, we increase the precision of measurements as well as the productivity and lifetime of production machines with our air-guided solutions. For the automobile itself, chances are tremendously high that our team will develop an oil-free turbo charger which results to be an outstanding innovation with ecological advantages.

high-frequency drive
Air-guided knife drive
AeroLas offers unique advantages for high-frequency movements with short strokes. Even for movements which cause demage due to disruptive wear with roller bearings, lifetimes of our drive systems are unlimited. With customized developments in compact designs, we perfectly transform the power of a motor into dynamic.
industry: automotive engineering
application: production (cutting of foam inlays for seats)

activities: customized development, production/assembly

stroke: +/- 4 mm
operating frequency: 50 Hz
motor: voice coil
air guidance: statically determined with magnetic preload
mounting: robot

air guidance for a
trailer test stand
in a wind tunnel
Air-guided trailer test stand
Aerodynamic impacts of a trailer can be measured within a wind tunnel on the basis of measurement points at the towing car. Doing so, the trailer must stand in driving direction and without any contact on the ground of the wind tunnel. AeroLas has developed an air-guided measuring equipment which is very fast and easy to assemble. It is not necessary to make any changes at the ground of the wind tunnel. The trailer’s aerodynamics is not affected by the equipment. It is possible to perfectly arrange the trailer behind the car without any time-consuming adjustments when in a side-position.

air-guided turbo charger
(conventional design)
Air-guided turbo charger
AeroLas developed several air-guided turbo chargers. In order to provide confidence and for the first investigations, we initially converted conventional oil-guided turbo chargers into air-guided solutions. For a real, future version we make use of results obtained from our high-temperature solutions, mass products (proved production costs) and high-frequency spindles (know-how of dynamic background).
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