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Dienstag 20.04.2021
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Customer´s benefit
Initially, most of our customer manufactured their air bearings by themselves or are manufacturers of complete air-guided systems. This is because of the many advantages, the air bearing technology of AeroLas has. Not surprisingly, even more companies turn to AeroLas because of it’s outstanding know-how.
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Advantages of AeroLas’ air bearings
When you choose to apply AeroLas’ air bearings, you can absolutely feel confident that you are increasing your performance in comparison to conventional air bearings and that you can realize new ideas with unique advantages substituting roller bearings. AeroLas offers next-generation air bearings for all existing and new applications in the future. Time and marketing, the only matters until AeroLas’ air bearings will become substitutes. Being concerned about the future, AeroLas’ technology has tremendous ecological advantages, most notably, when comparing with oil-/fat-lubricated bearings.

So let’s take a closer look to the advantages AeroLas offers:
Speed, acceleration:
Conventional air bearings can not become substitutes for roller bearings when looking at high-speed precision applications. With their performance, they do not reach the commonly used acceleration (up to 200 m/s²). AeroLas’ air bearings, however, are already applied for series with an acceleration of 200 m/s². When looking at special application, our air bearings are applied for accelerations of even more than 400m/s².

The perfect combination of acceleration and precision (repeatability and positioning) offers a tremendously high productivity of machines in the semiconductor and electronic industry. Reachable accelerations of such pick-and-place systems are actual not a problem. AeroLas’ air bearings, however, offer a much higher acceleration (more than 50 m/s) than conventional air bearings (4 to 5 m/s).
Guiding, repeatability, and position accuracy:
In the chip production and when positioning at the back-end, repeatability accuracy of 1-2 µm must be reached with the wire bonder yet. At the die bonder, even 5 µm must be achieved. With such a precision, roller bearings reach their physical limit without a lower acceleration. At the front end (lithography), air bearings are already established. With a higher guiding accuracy, AeroLas’ air bearing technology offers advantages also at the front end. Other than current solutions with conventional air bearings, our air bearing technology with our high-performance servo controller, offers unique benefits.

Within the electronic production, precision requirements increase tremendously. This is due to smaller components and a technological change, e.g. chip-on-board, flip-chip technology or wafer-level-chip packaging. A repeatability accuracy of less than 10µm is required. Roller bearings do not achieve this anymore because of their stick-slip and “a tight drawer” effect. As a next-generation manufacturer, AeroLas meets the future requirements: increasing the productivity and reliability and ensuring a high cleanliness (oil-/fat-free).
Wearless operation, durability:
Air bearings are operating contactless and so without abrasion. The only friction results from airflow air in the gap. Thus, the durability of air bearings is unlimited if they are designed and calculated correctly. Especially roller and friction bearings face a high friction when applied at high speed or acceleration or small strokes. They cause a high abrasion such that the precision decreases which in turn causes a breakdown.

Thousands of our air bearings are successfully implemented in the production industry all over the world. AeroLas tested many different bearing surfaces and material combinations (basic material / coating) in order to ensure a save implementation in the operation. Certainly we take into account individual, customized requirements. We also analyzed the air-less operation for the resulting behaviors. Most of promises of our competitors regarding emergency operation are definitively wrong. The only prove is the series itself!
Safeness against self-excited vibrations:
When looking at conventional air bearings, the most severe disadvantage is self-excited vibration. Physical reasons for this vibrations are only insufficiently or not at all known by the manufacturers of theses air bearings. For this reason, renowned air bearing manufacturers already face problems at the conventional air supply with 5bar.

With AeroLas’ technology, there are no chambers and canals in the bearing’s surface which are mainly responsible for oscillations. AeroLas’ bearings tend much less to such self-excited vibrations. Even air supply of more than 10 bar AeroLas has down pat. Besides that, AeroLas has analyzed these vibrations precisely and is able to calculate the bearing’s limits. As a result, AeroLas is able to introduce counteractions if necessary.
Cost advantage and repeatability:
Common manual operational steps (placement of the air nozzles) of conventional air bearings are substituted with the patented laser drilling technology of AeroLas. AeroLas’ technology is be distinguished by a highest repeatability, it is complete automatable and it has lower costs due to short production time. Thus, and for the first time, this technology can be also used for very large series, e.g. for the printing, textile or automobile technology. When applying for series, air bearing even have a cost advantage compared to roller bearings: the production of a roller-guided high-frequency spindle is - according to a manufacturer - about 20 % more expensive than air-guided spindles.
High-purity, oil-/fat-less operation:
In general, the chip production is made in clean rooms. Yet some dirt may cause rejections and thus high costs. Within the electronic production, cleanliness requirements increase with the implementation of small components. Other than oil/fat, air is the perfect lubricant as it’s cleanliness is just as well as the surrounding medium. That is why no costly sealing of the bearing is necessary with air lubrication.
Environmental advantages:
Nowadays, the air bearing’s popularity increases even in industries other than the classical air bearing industries as it does not make any use of mineral oil-based or any synthetic lubricants. Keeping this in mind, AeroLas’ technology offers tremendous cost advantages for large series applications due to a full-automatic machining (laser drilling).
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