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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
Grimmerweg 6
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel.: +49 89-66 60 89-0
Fax: +49 89-66 60 89-55
Flat Panel Technology
Together with our Japanese partner, we developed numerous single or multi axis air guided drive systems for the production of flat panel displays or for different applications in the semi conductor production. Hundreds of systems are applied since 2003. Moreover, we develop and manufacture customized solutions as, for instance, high-precision chucks with integrated functions or high-sensitive measurement tools and handling systems.

Stage for Flat Panel Display
3-axis stage (x,y,z)
Other than competitive products, AeroLas’ air-guided stages allow a much better dynamics and precision. This is mainly because of the mechanical concept itself, but also due to particular design and connection of our air bearings. Our air bearings are tremendously beneficial as they allow an easy and fast replacement. In case of a damage, the stage is ready for use within only a few minutes and does not require any further adjustments.
industry: flat panel display production
application: numerous

activities: customized development, production/assembly

stroke: up to more than 2.5 m
motors: ironless linear motors
air bearing preload: magnetically, with vacuum or with piston bearings
accuracy: position and/or uniformity

air guided x/y stage
for highest precision
2-axis stage (x,y)
We optimized this stage such that it allows a high dynamic and highest distance-precision between the object being measured and the sensor.
industry: flat panel display and semiconductor production
application: numerous

activities: customized development, production/assembly

stroke (x/y): 400 mm x 400 mm
board of x/y slider (ceramics): 400 mm x 400 mm
flatness of board of x/y slider: 1 µm
maximum acceleration: 4 m/s²
maximum speed: 0.5 m/s
straightness (vertical) within 100 mm: 0.02 µm (x) / 0.07 µm (y)
straightness (horizontal) within 100 mm: 0.14 µm (x) / 0.09 µm (y)
uniformity (speed): +/- 0.05 % (at v = 24 mm/s)
motors: ironless linear motors
preload air bearings: magnetic, with vacuuma, or with piston bearings
footprint: 1,248 mm x 1,000 mm x 270 mm

chuck with integrated
air/vacuum in the surface
and lif tpins
Precision chuck
A chuck with a flatness of 5 µm within an active surface of 0.72 m² and a height of only 80 mm: AeroLas resolved this difficult task. We integrated air simultaneous with vacuum in the chuck´s surface in order to position glass substrates laterally within sub-microns. Highly sensitive lift pins directly in the surface of the chuck ensure a non-damaging up-and-down movement of the glass substrates. A next-generation concept with an even larger active surface and an integrated x/y/phi drive is already in process.
industry: flat panel display production
application: lasering

activities: customized development, production/assembly

chuck geometry (length/width/height): 980 mm x 730 mm x 80 mm
active chuck area / flatness: 920 mm x 732 mm / 5 µm (!)
functionalty: simultaneous use of air and vacuum
lift pins (panel handling): integrated pneumatic pistons
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