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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
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Linear Drives
The following product examples shows only a selection of customized system developments: The broad field of applications reaches from ultra-precise drives for the measurement technology, complex and robust multifunctional systems for the electronic and semi conductor production to low-cost drives for the automation technology.

air-guided 2 axis stage
with friction drives
Precision measurement stage
Within only 15 months our team has developed the complete customized solution and has manufactured 3 prototypes. The filigree structure allows through light measurements for the 300 mm chip production with the utmost precision of less than 1 nm. In particular, the air bearings are designed for lowest air consumption with the highest stiffness.
industry: semiconductor production
application: incident and through light measure (wafer, masks, CDs etc.)

activities: customized development, production/assembly

stroke: 340 mm x 330 mm
accuracy: < 1 nm within the whole stroke
drives: friction drives in both directions
maximum acceleration: 0,25 m/s²
footprint: about 1.000 mm x 1.000 mm (without drives)

air-guided linear drive
for highest dynamic
High dynamic linear drive
Particularly in applications with highest precision and dynamic, AeroLas’s air bearing technology proves unique and superior performance. Our drive with two symmetrical arranged iron-free linear motors achieves an acceleration of up to 400 m/s² with a jerk of up to 1,000,000 m/s³.
industry: roller bearing production
application: testing of roller bearings

life time: > 10 billion cycles!
activities: development and manufacuring incl. servo-controller

stroke: 100 mm
payload: 2 kg
drives: iron-less linear motors
maximum acceleration: 400 m/s²
maximum jerk: 1.000.000 m/s³
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air-guided linear drive
for high acceleration
High-accelerated Doppler drive
We had the task to support and guide a carbon fiber mirror (surface 500 mm x 250 mm) with an acceleration of up to 300 m/s² and a flexible movement profile with high precision. Our solution consists of an air-guided drive: The beam (length 900 mm) which is fixed at the mirror, is manufactured of carbon fibre and carries the magnets of the linear motors. Cables/tubes (motor, air bearing, measurement system) are not moved in order to avoid breakages due to high load cycles. Our air-bearings are absolutely insensitive against geometric fluctuations as a result of a temperature change.
industry: Neutron reactor Garching/Munich and ILL/Grenoble
application: Doppler drive for spectrometer

life time: in operation since 2004 with 300 m/s² without service needs
activities: development and manufacturing incl. complete electronics

stroke: 150 mm
moved mass: 10 kg
drives: iron-core linear motors (long-stator principle)
maximum acceleration: > 300 m/s²
maximum speed: 4,7 m/s
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positioning unit with
4 air-guided axes
Air-guided positioning unit
The positioning unit consists of four air-guided axes: 3 linear and one rotary axis. With a magnetic preload of the air bearings the assembly is both compact and insensitive against temperature influences. The µm-precision of the pipette results from a high tilt stiffness against of the air bearings.
industry: automation
application: micro assembly

activities: development and manufacturing

strokes: 270 mm x 120 mm x 30 mm (x/y/z)
rotation: +/- 180°
preload of air bearings: magnetically
motors: piezo motors

air-guided linear drive for
production machine
(overhead operation)
Drive for production machine
Beside the performance, the reliability is extremely important for a production machine. The air-guided solution is designed statically determined. The iron-core linear motor and piston bearings achieve the preload for the air bearings. Thereby, our drive is easy to assemble and insensitive against geometric variations, for instance through temperature influences or the disposition of the machines.
industry: elektronics production
application: main drive

activities: development and manufacturing incl. servo-controller

stroke: > 700 mm
moved mass: about 50 kg
motor: iron-core linear motor
maximum acceleration: 50 m/s²
maximum speed: 4,5 m/s
position accuracy: < 0,2 µm (low settling time)
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