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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
Grimmerweg 6
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel.: +49 89-66 60 89-0
Fax: +49 89-66 60 89-55
pick & place technology
AeroLas has established an extensive experience in the pick and place sector most notably for the back-end production of semiconductors, for SMT machines, and for applications in the pharmaceutical market.

pick & place module
with rotary drive
Pick & place module with rotary drive
The air-guided vacuum pipette’s minimum placement force is an advantage. Depending on the prevalent pressure, it is pneumatically adjustable between 0.02 N and more than 10 N. All cable and tube connections are fixed. Air and vacuum supply on the pipette are realized tubeless. Doing so prevents impact forces on the pipette and enables unlimited rotary movements.

The video highlights measurements of the placement force. The pick and place module is thus mounted on an air-guided linear drive. The placement force ranges between 0.05 N and 4.3 N. The pipette touches the force sensor with a speed of 100 mm/s. The pipette’s low mass enables a minimum peak force as observable in the measurements. The air bearing in combination with the cableless solution guarantees highest repeatability and reliability.

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air-guided z/theta unit
(detail rotary coupling)
Air-guided z/theta unit
The air-guided z/theta unit is a basic module designed for SMT placement heads or chip assembly handling heads in the back end. It integrates the pipette’s adjustable placement force starting at 0.05 N (or less) with independent drives for rotary and linear movements. Air bearings guarantee maximum reliability. Several z/theta units may comprise an entire pick and place head with multiple pipettes.

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