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Sonntag 07.03.2021
AeroLas GmbH
Grimmerweg 6
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel.: +49 89-66 60 89-0
Fax: +49 89-66 60 89-55
Production Technology
AeroLas developed and manufactured numerous customized solutions for auxiliary and measurement devices for the production. Primarily, stick-slip-free movements and/or smallest forces are required. Our air bearing technology is predestinated for fat/oil-free high-dynamic movements with short strokes.

Air bearing for the adjustment
of components
Air bearing for the adjustment of components
With our air-guided units optical components can be arranged such to the same diameter on a rotary stage. The air bearing with vacuum preload and a constant bearing gap height, floats contact-less on top of the rotary table.
industry: optics production
application: alignment of optical components

activities: customized development, production/assembly

geometry (length/width/height): 67 mm / 11 mm / 10 mm
air bearing preload: integrated vacuum chamber
guidance surface (rotary stage): glass
connection: flat spring

2 adjustment sliders for
production of optical
Adjustment slider for optics production
The linear slider, which is air-guided statically determined, guarantees a high-precise positioning of the optical component before grinding. The self-aligning process is able without any friction and forces. When clamping the component remains it´s position for further manufacturing in the sub-µm-range.
industry: optics production
application: adjustment of optical components for grinding

activities: customized development, production/assembly

geometry (length/width/height): 330 mm / 250 mm / 107.5 mm
support area on slider (for collet chuck): 220 mm x 84 mm
linear stroke (for self-alignment): 20 mm
clamping: pneumatic

air bearing for small
tube diameters
Cylindrical air bearing for small tubes
This air-bearing allows small tubes with a little external diameter between 1.00 and 1.73 mm rotatory and linear movements for the stick-slip-free production process. We have been able to increase the precision of this process tremendously while reducing the failure rate. If required, we also supply our cylindrical air bearings with a staged diameter.
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