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Dienstag 20.04.2021
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Semiconductor Technology

flat air bearing with
air -guided piston actuator
Air bearing for inspection device
In terms of the measurement of wafers and flat panels, it is tremendously important to lead the sensor chip precisely and without any contact along the surface. Therefore the chip is integrated directly into the bearing’s surface. The maximum distance tolerance to the surface which refers to the gap variation of the air bearing, is smaller than 0.5 µm. When placing the air bearing with the sensor chip, they must not touch the wafer surface being measured. As for the up-and-down movement a pneumatic piston is used which is, for repeatability reasons, also air-guided. The preload of the air bearing and thus the gap height is also adjusted with this piston.
industry: semiconductor and flat panel display production
application: contact-less inspection of wafers and flat panels

activities: customized development, production/assembly

air bearing geometry (length/width/height): 37 mm x 27 mm x 9 mm
air gap (operation): 10 µm
actuator: air-guided pneumatic piston
stroke actuator (down/up movement of air bearing with sensor): 8 mm
placement force of actuator (piston): adjustable up to < 0,1 N

air-guided drive unit for
chip packaging
Air-guided chip packaging unit
The drive unit for packaging of non-casing chips (bare dies) into plastic tapes for SMT technology (PCB assembly) consists of a needle drive (ejector) and a pick-up drive (pipette). Both drives are air-guided and based on voice coil motors. The pick-up module drives both the vacuum pipette and the centering spigot for the tape. The packaging module proves to allow a 4 to 5 times higher productivity than all alternative modules on the market! When adapting, the module can be applied for die and wire bonding as well.
industry: semiconductor production (Back End)
application: packaging of bare dies into tapes

activities: customized development, production/assembly/electronics

cycle time: 67 ms (inclusive good/bad-control)
pipette: air-guided pneumatic piston
placement force of pipette: 0.02 ... 20 N, pneumatically adjustable
drives: air-guided vocie coil motors

Chuck with integrated
air-guided lift drive
Chuck with integrated lift drive
For the electrical testing of wafers the chuck can be lifted stick-slip-free up to 3 mm. The needed contact force for the probe is adjustable and independent from stroke. The lift drive bases on a voice coil motor; the guidance is air-guided. An air-guided pneumatic piston between the chuck and the drive is limiting the contact force.
industry: semiconductor production (Back End)
application: electrical testing of chips (on wafer level)

activities: customized development, manufacturing incl. electronics

stroke: 3 mm
contact force at testing: pneumatically adjustable
drive: 2 air-guided voice coil motors

air-guided x,y,z-drive
with linear motors
Air-guided x/y/z-drive for Bonders
Reliability, dynamic, repeatability, and oil/fat freedom, these are the advantages our customers appreciate of our drive systems. Since 2000 our series solutions for the Back End are applied world-wide.
industry: semiconductor production (Back End)
application: drive for Chip Assembly Maschine

activities: customized development, manufacturing incl. electronics

payload: 50 g
stroke of x-axis: 100 mm
moved mass / average acceleration of x-axis: 1,7 kg / 14 m/s²
stroke y-axis: 500 mm
moved mass / average acceleration of y-Achse: 6.8 kg / 43 m/s²
stroke z-axis: 60 mm
moved mass / average acceleration of z-axis: 0,2 kg / 20 m/s²
drives: iron-less linear motors
accuracy: +/- 3 µm in all axes

rotary/linear drive
Air-guided rotary/linear drive
Directly air-guided on the ground plate, the axis of rotation is not serial-mounted on a linear axis. Thus a high flatness and runout of the rotary disk (chuck) is made possible. The bearing is statically determined guided and thereby insensitive to deformations of the system and to temperature influence.
industry: semiconductor production
application: inspection of wafers

activities: customized development, manufacturing incl. electronics

payload: 8 kg
dimater of chuck (rotary disk): 310 mm
stroke linear axis: 400 mm
drive linear axis: iron-less linear motor
drive rotary axis: direct drive (torque motor)
vertical runout rotary axis: < 2 µm (short-wave 0,1 µm)
horizontal runout: < 10 µm
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