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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
Grimmerweg 6
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel.: +49 89-66 60 89-0
Fax: +49 89-66 60 89-55
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
AeroLas has developed air-guided main axes and multi nozzle placement heads for placement machines that enable an unprecedented performance. As for the linear actuators, iron-core or iron-less linear motors or voice coil motors are used. Machines that integrate our technological developments feature highest reliability and outstanding precision from the moment the machine is switched on. Carbon fiber designs allow highest stiffness at a low weight.

air-guided PCB support
with adjustable force
Air-guided PCB support
The PCB support consists of an air-guided pin with a maximum stroke of 5 mm or as further customized. The pin’s force when touching the PCB can be adjusted starting at <1N. When touching the PCB with the previously defined force, turning off the air supply can lock the pin.
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industry: SMT technology
application: PCB support for placement

activities: customized development, production/assembly

stroke: 5 mm
locking in end position: pneumatical
touching-/support force: adjustable (starting at 0,5 N)/> 20N
geometry (diameter/height): 55 mm / 22 mm
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luftgelagerter Matrixkopf
als SMT-Bestückkopf
Air-guided placement head
The air-guided SMT placement head comprise single independent z/theta units that when integrated n-times build one line or matrix head. Every z/theta unit consists of separate linear and rotary motors. The placement force of the pipette starting at 0.05 N is pneumatically adjustable. Air bearings ensure maximum reliability.

The placement head displayed in the picture and video comprises two z/theta units.

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