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Dienstag 20.04.2021
AeroLas GmbH
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Printed circuit board drilling is one of the main fields for air bearings. In this industry AeroLas established a strong position with different outstanding products. AeroLas made the breakthrough in this market as a technology leader with the air bearing for a full range spindle with 200,000 rpm developed for a partner.

Meanwhile, the broad spectrum of spindles reaches from small spindles with a very low friction to spindles with the highest speed of 300,000 rpm. Designing a new concept, AeroLas is able to simulate air-guided spindles regarding their static and dynamic behaviors and even for highest speed. For this reason, applications for the automobile industry are also under way.

PCB drilling spindle
PCB drilling spindle
All PCB drilling spindles on the market are air-guided due to advantages in speed, precision, and costs towards roller-guided spindles. Currently we offer a full-range PCB spindel with a speed of 200,000 rpm.
industry: elektronics production
application: PCB drilling

activities: develoment and manufacturing

speed range: 20.000 ... 200.000 rpm
drill bit diameter: 0,1 ... 6,3 mm (full range)
drive: asynchronous motor (0,7 KW / water cooled)
length/diameter: 167 mm / 61,92 mm (shaft)
air consumption: < 30 l/min at 6 bar.
load: > 230 N (axial), > 60 N (radial at drill bit end)

Low friction pulley
industry: elektronics / textile production
application: wire painting, yarn/filament production

activities: customized development, manufacturing

speed: > 0 ... 50.000 rpm
length/diameter: 30 mm / 21 mm
air consumption: 2,4 l/min at 4 bar.
friction moment: < 5µNm at 10.000 rpm

scanner spindle
Precision scanning spindle
industry: printing industry
application: optical scanning

activities: customized development, manufacturing

maximum speed: 45.000 rpm
balance quality /runout: 0,4 (in 2 levels) / < 0,3 µm
drive: synchronous motor
length/diameter: 180 mm / 98 mm
air consumption: 4 l/min at 2,5 bar
load: > 60 N (axial), 130 N (radial)

grinding spindle
Precision grinding spindle
industry: semiconductor production
application: grinding

activities: customized development, partly manufacturing

maximum speed: 10.000 rpm
runout: < 0,2 µm
drive: synchronous motor
length/diameter: 560 mm / 228 mm
air consumption: < 30 l/min at 5 bar
stiffness: 500 N/µm (axial), 300 N/µm (radial)
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